Who is behind 360 Tour Dudes?

Well… a couple dudes really! 360 Tour Dudes was founded because as we were browsing for properties to rent/buy, the listings were all lacking to put mildly. We set out to help home owners and businesses to bring the pizzazz and really show what their space was all about! 

360 tour dudes is a company made possible by Pineapple3D that bootstrapped and funded it. 

Who is Pineapple3D?

Pineapple3D started out with a couple of guys in university making bar top arcade cabinets. It was a fun venture but we grew organically to fit the needs of our clients and fully utilize the experience and tools that we acquired over the years.

With 5+ years of 3D design, 3D printing, engineering and IT experience, we deliver the best customer service in the GTA and beyond.